By Catalyst Game Labs


This is third volume in a series of Technical Readout by Era, which is designed as an introductory companion volume to go with the BattleMech Manual, and thus primarily addressing new players, Technical Readout: Jihad is a compilation of 'Mech designs from Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3060, Technical Readout: 3067, Technical Readout: 3075, Technical Readout: 3085, and Technical Readout: Project Phoenix.

The book's content is mostly taken verbatim from Technical Readout products that preceded it. The book is part of reorganization of the original Technical Readouts to compile them per Era. Some Mechs are not present in this book that were mentioned in early products. Unlike the first book in this series, this book does not include additional/new variants not published before.