Squadplate - 30mm HEX - Framed [Standard + Standard] x4

By Polygon MasterWorks


Personalize an entire Squad of miniatures with these great Nameplates. You're buying 8x Standard Nameplates to configure 4 Mechs or Vehicles (front and back), you can write the Pilot callsign on the front plate and the unit designation on the back plate, for example.

Buying this pack you're saving 10% off compared to buying 8 Nameplates separately.

How to buy: Select the Font you want for both plates, and add them to the Cart. Then, in the Checkout box, write in your desired names for front and back taking into account each font's letter limit.

Compatible with 6mm 1/285 scale hex bases.

DINPRO - max 10 letters

Amarillo - max 8 letters

Lancip - max 10 letters

Bombardier - max 9 letters