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What Lies Beyond?

Nearly fifteen years have passed since the Word of Blake Jihad and the rise of the Republic of the Sphere. Yet even as the Inner Sphere adjusts to a new sense of normalcy, questions remain about whether or not the Blakist threat is gone.

Once a disorganized collective of hobbyists and academics backed by the idle wealthy, Interstellar Expeditions has emerged from the fires of the to-do mission by ComStar's Explorer Corps: to search for the elusive hiding places where humanity's enemies might have gone. From the dead of the Inner Sphere itself, to the distant, uncharted reaches of the Deep Periphery, IE relentlessly looking for the answers to mysteries dating back to mankind? S first ventures into deep space, while simultaneously watching for any sign of the zealots who so recently waged the most horrendous interstellar was in modern history.

Interstellar Expeditions: Interstellar Players 3 describes the organization and efforts of Interstellar Expeditions as it continues to be used in the BattleTech universe. First introduced in Interstellar Players, IE's operations have now gone truly universal, seeking answers and treasures only from the lost and forgotten worlds of humanity's distant past, but also the distant colonies and civilizations that have fallen and even fall beyond the Boundaries of the Inner Sphere. Gamemasters and Players may decide which of these groups and discoveries may actually be fruit, and which are the misdirections left behind by the surviving leaders of the Blakist was machine. Whether from this sourcebook or the gamemaster's own imagination, these discoveries can become the ultimate villain, ally,