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It is the year 3145. Only three years have passed since Gray's day that most of humanity's interstellar communications are suddenly and mysteriously collapsed. Plunging into darkness and fearing the worst, the leaders and armies of the Inner Sphere scrambled to act, some fearing the approach of invaders, others seeking to exploit the chaos. Now, armies are on the march, has been erupted on every front, and the Republic of the Sphere once again has a sign of mankind? S hope for a future brighter has retreated its walls to prepare for the inevitable.

Field Manual: 3145 updates the military and political state of the Inner Sphere as it stands in the year 3145. This report includes a brief history and overview of recent developments in the BattleTech universe, as well as current to & for the major? Mech forces and mercenary commands used by the realms and Clans of the Dark Age Inner Sphere. Special era-specific rules are also included, enabling players to create characters and forces for use in campaigns set in and after this critical point in BattleTech history.