Will you share or sell your source 3D / STL Files?


Are you going to produce content for other games, like Warhammer 40k?

Maybe, but I won't ever copy or duplicate any work or product being done by Games Workshop themselves, anything I do will be a complement to and inspired by their products.

You're selling official products from several games?

Over the years I've amassed quite a collection of miniatures and books from several different franchises, like Battletech and Warhammer 40k. While I'm keeping many, I put some of them up for sale.

Most are in second-hand condition, some are like new, and a few are even unopened or unused. All of them are official products from those lines and not facsimiles or copies.

When can I expect new products?

I'm developing new material all the time, and will update the site once or twice per week with new products for your tabletop gaming needs.

Where are you shipping from?

All shipments will be sent from the European Union.