By Catalyst Game Labs

First Succession War is a Historical type source book, which was written in the style of a Terran published document produced in year 3150 looking back to the this conflict.

The book chronicles the brutal First Succession War, which began after the departure of the Star League Defense Force. Each of the Inner Sphere former Star League States has turned on each other in bid to conquer each other for the throne of the fallen empire known as the Star League.

First Succession War gives detail accounts of the conflict that would ravage the Inner Sphere and herald its civilization into an age of technological slide and savagery.

The book includes; Rules creation of scenarios based on the events of the book, Conversion rules into various forms of BattleTech Gameplay, and Mini-Battletech Technical Readout of units once featured in the original Technical Readout: 3025 and later Technical Readout: 3039 with new images.