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I was working on a set of scenery for use with 6mm games like Battletech. The Lore was two forces doing battle, during which one of them discovered an abandoned, secret outpost. There they found prototypes of a new Mech that was never seen before, as well as full controls over the base, taking full advantage of that to setup defenses and try to survive the enemy onslaught.

The set was going to consist of a new Mech designed by me (not based on anything from Battletech), modular orbital gun emplacements (where you could switch between naval lasers and cannons) that would serve as objectives in games, MechBays, a bunker, smaller modular turrets with different weapons, a big “fortress tank” that served as a mobile base, industrial facilities, a couple of industrial Mechs for scenery or NPCs for games, markers, a modular fortified walls system, and finally a modular ground tileset system.

While initially I was working on it for miniatures terrain rules and using magnets, after taking private feedback from several fans I was repurposing the set to use OpenLock and the traditional hex grid. The miniatures would be sold through a combination of 3d printing (both filament and resin) and resin casting for key items, for maximum quality.

I’ve been talking past tense because after what happened a few days ago, I stopped all work on it. There are many reasons for it that I won’t go into because I don’t want to focus on further negativity and “drama on the internet”. Suffice it to say, I know I’m not welcome in Battletech and frankly I don’t want to work around someone else’s IP anymore.

What does the future hold for PMW? After playing Battletech since the early 90s, going through several iterations, owning hundreds of books and novels, playing the long dead CCG, and spending thousands on both tabletop and clix game, I’m going to be selling almost everything to fund a new, original Mech game I’ll be building with a friend. Resin isn’t cheap and time is money (as the Goblins from WoW usually say).

I will be updating the website in the next few weeks with all this material and will keep you all updated on when the sale goes up.

Thank you, and let’s move on to more positive things!

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